The Honourable Kevin Doherty

The Honourable Kevin Doherty, Minister for Parks, Culture, and Sports for the Province of Saskatchewan, declares Merchant Navy Veterans Day for Saskatchewan — September 3, 2015

Saskatchewan Proclaims Merchant Navy Veterans Day

September 3, 2015 – News Release

Certificate of Recognition

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Quotes from the Honourable Kevin Doherty and Mr. Stéphane Ouellette, President and Chief Executive Officer, MNCTP:

“The Battle for the Atlantic is considered the longest battle ever fought by Canadians,” Minister responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission Mark Docherty said.  “We commend them for their contributions to help end the war and for protecting the freedom we enjoy today.”

“Premier Brad Wall and the people of Saskatchewan are to be commended for their extraordinary leadership in having September 3 proclaimed as Merchant Navy Veterans Day,” Merchant Navy Commemorative Theme Project (MNCTP) President and Chief Executive Officer Stéphane Ouellette said.

“All other provinces and territories should follow their exemplary role, with an aim to empowering Canadians democratically and uniting our great nation coast-to-coast.”